Hyperstack is a Ruby-based DSL and modern web toolkit for building spectacular, interactive web applications fast!

  • One language throughout the client and server. All Ruby code is compiled by Opal into JavaScript automatically.

  • Webpacker and Yarn tooling for a modern, fast hot-reloader build environment with Ruby source maps.

  • A well documented and stable Ruby DSL for wrapping React and ReactRouter as well as any JavaScript library or component. No need to learn JavaScript!

  • Isomorphic Models with bi-directional data so you can access your models as if they were on the client.

All that means you can write simple front-end code like this:

class GoodBooksToRead < Hyperstack::Component
  render(UL) do
    Book.good_books.each do |book|
      LI { "Read #{book.name}" }.on(:click) { display book } if book.available?

In the code above, if the good_books scope changed (even on the server), the UI would update automatically. That's the magic of React and Isomorphic Models with bi-directional data at work!

Website and Documentation

While we have over 1000 specs passing in 3 different configurations, and several large apps using Hyperstack, documentation is lagging. If you see this icon it means we are working hard to get the docs up to the same state as the code.

Chapters without the work-in-progress flag are still draft, and any issues are greatly appreciated, or better yet follow the Edit on Github link, make your proposed corrections, and submit a pull request.

Setup and installation

You can be up and running in less than 5 minutes. Just follow the simple setup guide for a new Rails application all correctly configured and ready to go with Hyperstack.

Beyond the installation we strongly suggest new developers work trough the todo tutorial. As it gives a minimal understanding of the Hyperstack framework.

Community and support

Hyperstack is supported by a friendly, helpful community, both for users, and contributors. We welcome new people, please reach out and say hello.


We are currently driving towards our 1.0 release. Currently we are at 1.0.alpha1.5 release candidate. There is a list of 163 open issues including some bugs, documentation issues and many requested enhancements. The plan is to triage the issues and do a weekly release until the issues are closed or deemed not needed for a 1.0 release.

Please consider contributing by grabbing a "good first issue", or just adding your thoughts, thumbs up, or down on any issues that interest you.


In general, if you would like to help in any way, please read the CONTRIBUTING file for suggestions. System setup for the development of Hyperstack itself is documented in this file.


Hyperstack is developed and released under the MIT License. See the LICENSE file for further details.

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